Cat’s Eyes

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I know many of us haven’t had the opportunity to don them for more than 45 minutes at a time since the start of June, but lets talk sunnies. Why? Because I LOVE a good pair and because, despite popular belief, it is actually summer and if I don’t take the opportunity to indulge my sunglasses love affair RIGHT NOW, I’ll have missed the boat for another 12 months. Let me speak, people. I have profound sunglass revelations to share.

Sunglasses are your perfect companion when you’re tired, worse for wear, when you haven’t had time to put any slap on, when you want to travel in disguise (not particularly necessary for myself but worth highlighting for all the spies and secret agents out there) oh, and if the sun is in your eyes. Over recent years, our journey with the tinted frames has been TURBULENT. Yes, we know we’re meant to stick with a shape that suits our face but do we ever? No, we buy a different pair every summer and persuade ourselves that we look like highly distinguished celebrities in them. We’ve rocked an rolled all over the shop: aviators, wayfarers, oversize ridiculous ones, little John Lennon numbers (still being sported this summer though I have to admit I look LUDICROUS in them – a trend I shan’t be coerced into)- but could the dust be settling? Listen in chaps, this summer there is only one look that I’m going to be gravitating towards. That’s right, the infamous and long standing, slightly cheeky and a wee bit quirky, ‘Cat’s Eye’.

Not everyone feels as I do about a cat’s eye – Dame Edna has a LOT to answer for on this front – but if you’ll allow me to try and persuade you, here are my top picks up for grabs in the shops this season. A few designer pairs (if you’re thinking you’re in the cat’s eye business for the long haul, or, I suppose, if you’re just loaded), and a few high street ditties (if you’re just having a dabble and trying the trend on for size). Let me at ’em.



Top row (from left):

Prada’s black, white and tangerine style will ensure you stand out in the sun. Foxy. £185; Achieve pin-up perfection in this red glittery pair from Miu Miu with delicate gold arms – banging with a red lip. £225; A classic and sophisticated take from Yves Saint Laurent with exotic panther-print trims. Chic. £240.

Bottom row (from left):

Feline with a colourful brushed pattern frame, a sales bargain from Urban Outfitters. £5; A classy black cat from Topshop – the risk-free option. £16; ASOS oversized frames with a cheeky leopard print brow panel. Grrrrrrrr. I LOVE. £12.

There we have it. A foxy, feline accessory for any and every budget. Now we just need the sun to come out. I’ve got HIGH hopes for July and August. It isn’t over yet!