Innocent Until Proven Quilty: Getting it together.

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Hot off the heels of last week’s MARVELOUS Loch Lomond Quilt Show, I’ve got all fired up and I am ready to QUILT. Lets face it, a homemade patchwork quilt makes a house a home. And I am into home in a major way. If it goes well, this could be an air loom passed down through the generations. If it goes badly, you’ll have the kitchest and comfiest dog basket in town. Respect the dog.

The design we’re rolling with is one made with simple 5” square patches. I’m making mine for a double bed (perhaps I’m biting off more than I can chew) but you can adapt yours for any size you like.

Though I’ve picked up tips from friends, I’m no quilting expert so we’re all learning together here. It’s going to be a beautiful journey. But if you have any queries or emotional breakdowns along the way then DO NOT HESITATE to get in touch. If I don’t know the answer, I know a gal who does.

Now comes the shopping bit. My favourite bit. We’ll be starting the project in a couple of weeks so you’ve got a good few days to get your shiz together. If you’re Glasgow based you can find everything you need under the glorious roof of Mandors.

You will need:

To measure up what you need – for a cot the standard quilt size is 45” x 60” (so that will be 108 squares (9×12)), for a single bed it’s 65” x 85” (221 squares -13×17), for a double bed it’s 90” x 90” (234 squares – 18×18) or king it’s 90″ x 110″ (396 squares – 22×18 – a lot of squares)

Lovely quilting fabrics – as many or as few different colours/patterns as you like. Cottons are generally a safe bet and try to go for ones of a similar weight. If you (like me) have completely disregarded this advice then for any of your more lightweight/sheer fabrics, get an equal amount of interfacing too to make them more robust. I’m making mine for a double bed in a nursery room so have gone for fresh bright colours and some funky patterns to keep it nice and lively. 

Sheeting – a big piece of fabric, patterned or plain, to become the back of your quilt.

Binding – a piece of fabric, cotton is fine, that equates to enough for a couple of inches border around the whole quilt.

Wadding – a piece that will be big enough to cover the whole quilt. Get whatever tog you like, it comes in lots of different thicknesses.

Thread – go for something good and strong. Guterman is usually a pretty safe bet. And go for it in colour that just kind of generally goes ok with all the fabrics you’ve picked – I’ve gone for a pale blue. I’m sure that will do just fine.

Pins – A heck of a lot of them. Big ones.

Useful extras – make this whole quilting thing A LOT easier:

A rotary blade – watch your fingers

A quilting square/ruler – saves stacks of time when used with the blade

A cutting mat – so you don’t mall your table

A sewing machine – if you don’t want to be making this quilt for the next 45 years. I’m just using my cranky old Singer, nothing fancy, so chances are if you can borrow one off your nan or your next-door neighbour, it’ll do the job just grand.

If you’re lacking clarity on the design/colour combinations front, head to some of your favourite homey websites for some inspiration – there is a great selection at (click HERE). Alternatively you could just look around yourself at all the fresh springy and summery colours – that sounds much more wholesome. Right. Get all that sorted and I’ll meet you here in a couple of weeks to get started! I can barely contain the excitement.