Flippin’ Great Pancakes

Pancake day has got to be one of the best ideas history has ever had.  A day of yummy indulgence to use up all the naughtiness in your kitchen cupboards before kick starting lent. For me, it is essentially a rip-roaring excuse to eat one of my FAVOURITE foods to absolute excess. Come to Mamma.

Now, I couldn’t let this moment pass me by without paying tribute to those in GREAT Britain that do this the best – our friends in beloved Scarborough. I don’t know if you are aware, but there in that sunny town on the North Yorkshire coast, not only do they flip a few like the best of us, but tradition has it that the schools close, the entire town takes to the beach and there on the sea front, with the roads closed, the loyal pancake dayers get down to some serious … skipping. That’s right. Legend has it that it symbolises something to do with fishermen and their nets, but who cares why, its blinking fantastic!


There are many ways you can make your pancakes kick some serious butt. Don not hold back. Why not get a bit experimental this Shrove Tuesday, a bit adventurous? Perhaps a classic crepe suzette or a savoury spinach and ricotta – I challenge you to try something new. I’m a lemon and sugar girl to the core but this year, I’m branching out. I know. It’s totally RAD.

For your basic pancake recipe you will need:

around 4oz plain flour, sifted

a pinch of salt

2 eggs

275ml  milk

2 oz butter

Putting the cake in the pan:


Whisk your eggs in a large bowl. Whisking continually (with a hand whisk or a fork will do) add a large splash of milk followed by a heaped spoon of sifted flour. Repeat this alternately (add your pinch of salt along the way too) until all your flour and milk are added.

Melt your butter in a wee frying pan, drizzle a little of it into your mixture and put the rest in a separate bowl and put to the side.

Get your frying pan nice and hot and lubricate it with a little of the butter. Drop a couple of table spoons of batter (depending on the size of your pan) into the centre of the pan and swirl it around so that it evenly coats the base. Be careful not to use too much – we’re going for ‘thin and crispy crepe’ rather than ‘omlette’.

After 30 seconds or so, flip your pancake onto the other side to cook. This is the impressive bit. It’s a dangerous game but don’t be a wimp, give it a whirl. If it lands sunny-side-down on the floor, then I’ll let you use a fish slice to turn the next one.

When  you’re happy it looks done (it should only take 30 seconds or so), slide it onto your plate, top with goodies to your hearts content and gobble away. I’ve gone for strawberries and maple syrup, followed by lemon and sugar, followed by banana and chocolate with a dusting of icing sugar, followed by a brief vomit, followed by another lemon and sugar and a long and slightly unpleasant lie on the sofa.

Happy Pancake Day folks! Please do share your pancake favourite recipes below so we can all give them a shot!