A table called Sally: Part 1

As you know from last week, I recently picked up a bedside table from the Salvation Army. A total steal at £3. Upon the realisation that I am simply too old to have horses on my bedside table (on second thought, are you ever too old for that?) I’ve decided to give the whole thing a DIY makeover. Now, in the interest of honesty I feel like I should tell you that I am by no means a DIY expert. That being said, without further adieu here’s part one of my foray into furniture restoration. I hope you’ve gone foraging too and are ready to start your own project.

Given that I am no expert, my first stop was the hardware shop. I went to one near my childhood home. I know the chap who owns the place and unlike me he is an expert in all things DIY. I suggest you make a stop to see your local man (or woman, let’s not be sexist) before starting, I hear different woods need to be stripped in different ways so best to seek advice before destroying yours.

Anyway, resident DIY expert, Campbell informed me that for this stage all I would need was some all purpose paint and varnish remover, a paint brush, a scraper and some sandpaper. Here we go.

Getting the hands dirty
1. Before starting remove any handles and hinges.

2. Liberally apply the varnish remover using a dabbing action. I bought a 750ml can of Nitromors for £7.95 and used a little less than half.

3. Follow the instructions on your remover, but I left mine for about twenty minutes, until the varnish started to blister and then scraped it off.

4. Give the whole thing a clean with a damp cloth (and white spirit if it’s a fine wood).

5. Sand it down. I found that while the remover did a good job at well, removing, there was still a bit of varnish in places so the whole thing needed a smoothing out to ready it for painting.

But that’ll have to wait ’till next week. I’m all DIY’d out for today. I think I may have developed DIY elbow from sanding but I think I’m getting the hang of it. I’ll be ready for Grand Designs next week.

Let me know how your getting on with your restoration project!

NB. In honour of it’s place of purchase I’ve decided to call the table Sally. I think she looks like a Sally, don’t you?