Where did you get that hat?

It’s bonfire night this weekend! Woopee!! There’s no better excuse to get wrapped up warm, write the names of all the people you love with a sparkler in ludicrously awkward mittens, and scoff a sticky toffee apple failing desperately to keep it out of your hair. And that’s all before the fireworks even get going. Pretty much NOTHING I love more than a firework display. Bring. It. On.

Now, those of you who, like me, remember being trussed up to the point of looking like an extra from Touching The Void only to attend a village bonfire 50 yards down the road, will be able to relate to this next pearl. Irrespective of medical fact, my mother always told me you lose fifty percent of your body-heat through your head. Quite how this was mathematically calculated remains a mystery, but on matters such as these my mother is a force to be reckoned with. It’s up there with your kidneys getting cold when flashing your mid-drift and getting piles from sitting on a cold step. There’s no debate to be had. With this in mind, the number one bonfire night wardrobe essential has to be (drum roll) the hat. If you’re looking for an accessory you can sport every bad hair day between now and February at the same time as preventing precious heat from escaping through your lugs, I’ve done your homework for you. You can find a suitable way to repay me later.

Best for wooly:

Seven Gauge Studios, 25 quid, available from sevengaugestudios.com or notonthehighstreet.com

Hand made in a loft down in England, these beauties are made by Joy Bates, a very special knitting lady, who has woven for many a great fashion house including Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and Nicole Farhi. Now that’s a cheeky beanie to wear with considerable pride. Check out her website. I could literally have it ALL. Lust-worthy knitted goodness.


Best for cool:

La La Land, 45 quid, available in store or online at livinginlalaland.co.uk

Is it a hat? is it a hood? is it a snood? I’m not sure. But I like it. Not least because its handmade in Glasgow using exclusive vintage Italian fabric by Chouchou, and stocked at my favourite wee boutique. Blinking practical too. Ticks all round.



Best for high-street:

Topshop, 25 quid, available in store or online at topshop.com

Toppers strikes again. Ok, this one might not keep your ears warm but it’s definitely got the Fash Factor. I’d like to think it helps give bonfire night a more distinguished feel. Just you watch it doesn’t blow away.



Best for statement:

Pea Cooper, price undisclosed, contact pea through peacoopermillinery.com

Pea, Scottish milliner extraordinaire, first coined the phrase, ‘wear your heart on your head’. Quite. I’ve no idea how much this wee beauty sets you back – contact her for details or you can even get her to create something special just for you. Granted, this may bust the bonfire night budget. But it’s nice, isn’t it? Maybe you could consider it a kind of felt crown?


Well, quite frankly I could go on and on. There is a wealth of hats out there just longing for a happy head to sit upon. I found a nice blue beret in the corner of a vintage shop for 3 pounds so you needn’t spend all your pocket money. Just make sure those ears are toasty before you brave the cold on Saturday night. Happy sparkling!