Layering up for Autumn.

Whether you’re wearing it sitting on a deck chair in your front room or strolling along a beach somewhere tropical, who doesn’t love the summer dress? And if you, like me, are feeling a little glum at the thought of putting your floral frocks away before they’ve barely seen the light of day (let’s be honest we don’t get to many sunny days in Glasgow) then HAVE NO FEAR. As this is, indeed, rocket-science, help is at hand. With just a few simple rules (we all love a few rules), come rain or shine, you can cling onto those babies right through autumn.


1. Whack on some cosy tights – go coloured, go navy, just go there. And for goodness sake get a pair in a size that fits. We all know the deeply unpleasant feeling of the dropping crotch; the unending desperation for an opportunity to drag the suckers back up. You’d think this would be a lesson we would quickly learn, but alas, no. Long socks are equally acceptable if you’re up for show-casing some thigh. It has to be said, I rarely am.

2. Layer it up.  I once read an article on ‘the science of layering’ and was left a little bemused. I’m not sure where the science actually comes in, but it seems essentially about putting on an extra, slightly wonky, t-shirt and maybe a cardy for good measure. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try throwing a shirt over (a denim one if you’re going totally nuts) or whatever it takes to get cosy (bar a fleece).

3. Put on some shoes. Thank goodness, I reminded you. A proper pair. Last seasons brogues should do the trick, or a cheeky ankle boot. Judging by this seasons stock, not a lot has changed on the autumn/winter shoe front, brogues and riding boots all the way. Tally ho.

NB rules, especially fashion rules, are undoubtedly made for breaking. You blinking-well wear whatever you like. You look hot.